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Full text of "Mulberry Baptist Association Minutes 1844"

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Birmingham, Alabama 


Mulberry Missionary Baptist Association 

v. 1. 1844 

v.2. 1856 

v. 11. 1895 

v. 12. 1896 

v. 3. 1873 

v. B. 1897 

v. 4. 1879 

v. 14. 1898 

v. 5. 1881 

v. 15.1899 

v. 6. 1885 

v. 16. 1900 

v. 7. 1886 

v. 8. 1887 

v. 9. 1889 

v. 10. 1892 

.2 Awociatioo. 


a Minuter 

M. Meetings. 
Fra«eot No. 


o o 

o o 





d^ »rs |a rrt qq <^i ^fS p 

Prefious No. % *? 



Dismissed by J 

Received *y \ 
:eivedJ»yL. "» 

© o o © 

O^ CO *Q* W 


r it** 

f-i *-* 



frgere,* coTnpdsihg . to? fllttf 

convened at Kingston Church. Autauga oowity. Ala.,, "'"*Jp- 
^'de^*e^^eoiTJ%^o^^Hffe^bt*6y Wdfer 5U&*h Re^ferd 

*, C. !6 v. "For I am not asbawed of tbe Gospel ofcCUurtA. 
After an tnrkm^Wi/#3]J ! m^fclaO^lW ■ ■ >a • tuflZUbS 

session with singing and prajerv 
MM i*«tf, IfiKl tfe£tf£a W^Aifega ttf 
2nd. The Association then proceeded to 
H*»*&pe* Elder J 
«rtWW %.e J *li*#rai 

^&/Idf Hedllffe&terifWH MkAehgtrS'MlMM 

h. Offered admission foi newly c#nattfd|H 
r^lbVralsecia Irons'^ 
&acedooia Btbb. C« M 1idiiWS^sihutea ! i«Qir. 
a&ftiCftejLfemHftf TouWoTtfrfewefe Vbr 

60j. Appointed a committee to*nrange.tbe 
ctrtnpW* ■ oWelMriif/ A ThMrttw'tf? JTO* 
and Pastor.ot (Us chujch. ' , 


trtiofrntTW j&reten' 

.7 Jfuw »a*rrai*o^flr TfrtvH 
•Snt«o«Hm itsdchrlWf, 
aitbfAp^mtgd a i 
a' ftfltfltfTPs 


9tb» Appointed thefi 


BV< ^^rfS'ri?! 

it. To the t^oxisa ilivei, next sear* f W A &< 

r Fife 


to bear 

a eomftfitiSe an 
§flpr> ren to occupy the eland on Sabbatr 
noojiVind Strickland and Sansin* irv the 
o*c!ot*k~A m. adjoutr.ed until Monday M 
bjJ>T9.7$tr!(?kla6d. "> 





r. Singing and prajef 

assembled at' ' uiU Bro. 

«l Bro. Everett >«» 


A very large ertd" well ordeted con' e 
Peeptes prefeche'dtaccordiftg <o appoi 
8en*ing (olloi^es fop. Strickland preached in the 
brtii Hayes. The preaching of tbe b 

li*Kcct arte enabled to rejoice in the Lord- while iiinner*' were made to 
a number ceme forward to share an interest irr t^VjirayJfrs* of cbris'«»«iV and* we 
hope the Lord will crown tbe tabors of the day wife the choicest bl<*8*"h»g*- 





Monday Moi fling Sept. 23rd 1844. 

1 lib. The association met pe rsuent to adjournment, Singing and prayer by the 

19th Called the names of Messengers and marked absentees. 

13th Called for correspondence from aister association ,*nd received a letter and 
Minute* from the Alabama, by the hands of her Messeffers brethren Peebles, 
Lamar, tiasaei and Morgan. 

14,th. Called for the report of the committee of arrsogemont, which was read 
and received. 

15th Called for corresponding letters which were read add received. . 

16tb Called for the report of District Meetings, which were received and Miqu* 
ted, as will appear in the Table of District Mealing*. - 

17fh. The circular letter prepared by bro. Sansing, was read and received, aad 
ordered to be printed with the Minutes. 

18th. Opened a door for any businsee proper 'to come before the association 
Whereas, through the providence of God, our beloved brother a Watson (the form* 
er moderator of thia association) has been removed from amongst us by the hand 
of death, and entertaining the highest respect for our departed brother. Tborfore 

Retolved. ' That thia association, sympathize and mourn, with the family of out 
brother.and also with the cbdrchea particularly Of our association, — the loss of our; 
much esteemed and venerable Father. ,■ 

19jh The next association to ie held with the church at Ft. Williams, Tajladega, 
County, Ala. SaturUay-fcefore the 4th. Sabbath in September 1845. 

20tb. Appointed Elder T P Holcombe to preach the next introductory sermon. 
Elder B Strickfand hie alternate. 

21st Appointed Elder D M Lloyd to write a circular letter, to be presented to'our, 
next association, oh a subject of bis own choosing, 

22d- Revived, That the clerk superintend the printing. of the minutes, and that' 
• 1000 copies printed; reserve 15040 correspondence, and have $25, for his 

23nf. Appointed. bro..F Adair to apelY to the widow .of bro S W Apperson dee'd 
for the as .ociation Book^ which, he, as the foj clerk of tbie> asswetatioo, k|CLd in 
bis poeaeesion; anaL present it to tt^s body atWnext session. 

24th Attached Cbdco/d Church, Autaug* County, to the 3rd district, and Mace- 
donia, Bibb County, to. the -let Diet. ' 

''MJttVjfttoedlwm clerk tfanamit to bro «J # E Spmmer $2. ou/ of the fundf 
of tbe'a^^wtlejB 1 tOipay bun for a Book purchased by him for this association. 

26th [Elder*. t^Priinan-aJ Yates, and bro a, U Hughs, wet e continued distril 
ting ageuls in their respective Distr.cts. «v 

' 27tfcTbp association ordered that bro Strickland have $5 out of her funds, to 
psy him as corresponding Messenger to the AJa. Association last year, which he. 
forthwith authorized the clerk to bestow on some poor wid^ and orphans,. 
„ 28th Called? fo^ the report of the Committee on Finance, which was readgnd re*., 
ceived.and the cornmjttee discharged Report Remaining in the h»na> of ;die. 
clerk from last years* • $57, IO ( 

Seto*. ap by the churchea for Minutes,, 50, 15 

V *'!.' Association, 26,75. 



Paid Superintendent, 
Pavd Bro. Sumner, ; 
Paid Bro. Strickland, 
Paid reprinting the Minute*, 

^mniniog in. the hands of the C lerk< 

25 00. 

2 oo; 

5 00 

30 00 

134, 00, 

62 Q0< 
Z2 00, 

BSE * 





Howard Csltege Library 

29tb. Re$ohed. That this Assoc iat too fender ker, united thanks to rfce brethren 
and friends erosnd Kingston church, for the very kint} and hospitable manner ii» 
which they hare entertained the members competing the sane: Adjourns^ to the 
time end place above written, Singing, Prayer and Benedicfon by the modera 

JOHN YJTF.S ■*««> 



The Mulberry Baptist Association, to the Churches whom she 
represents,— Greeting: 

BELOVED BRETHREN: That*mje haa again rolled Tound when we have bsen«rtnit * 
ted to assemble a» an Association, and according to custom we send forth among youths fol- 
lowing Episitr; founded on th« subject of WORLDLY M1NDEDNESSL_ „ 

Worldly Mindedriess we learn is "A preponderating Io*e and pursuit rJnbif world's goods 
to the exclusion" of pi :ty and attention to spiritual things." 

Dear Brethren we learn, Romans the vhi. 6, that "to be carnally minded (which is the 
same as being worldly minded) is death, but to be spiritually minded is fife jnd peace .V— 
Hence it is plain, that if the christian Suffer his affections to be set on things on tad earth 
be eerhnot eVi^oy religion, and consequently, is often complaining of darkness, doubts a%d» 
fear*. -^Religion came from Heaven to Earth toafceer our hearts, and smooth our pathatiwe'* 
the wilderness of this world, and being et heavenly detent, there is no agreement between it 
and the world, and hence when we undertake to serve the world arid oar God too, we deprive 
outsahre* of the enjoyment of Religion. tiflifaviovr says "ye cannot serve God and Moss% 
mon." Matt. vr.24. and yet brethren we daWHr a o'spoaition among professed christians tt>* 
serve^ae world, and woy^May weoot feaflhat this befng the case oar hearts are not rigbt - 
in ths sight of God 1 ?: we think so, for We ar* informed that "R'any man love tbe world the 
love of the Father is not in him" 1st John »c1*t, In Vain then, do we profess to be christains 
and cherish hopes of Heaven, if the love of tbe world Has the preponderance in our hearts; 
and of this matter brethren we can easily judge, for if we are disposed to folesw the world, 
and attend to matters of religion only when i* is conveniaru, or dt»e» not cwme in contact with 
our worldly 1 interest, we have no ground, according to the above cited scriptures, even-to hops* 
wears christians: Dear brethren,, we believe that there is too great a likeness between pro- 
fessors of religion in general and the world* too much of a disposition to conform to ths world 
in almost everything, therefore spiritual things are neglected, and consequently, the chwrchaa., 
languish. We design now to notice briefly , a few of the most visible effieci o£ worldly 
mindedneaa. wP 

The worldly minded man is of but very tittle (if- any), use is the churea,, for his mind is a** 
gaged in devising ways and means for the accumulation of. worldly stuff*, and bis time is spent 
in ths execution of his plans, and hence,, he seldom or never goes in secret to pray, he ,doea 
not pray in hi* famijy or i/bo do«s,, it is only once in a while, in order to quiet a troubled cojj 
science, and if he should happen to be at meeting,, ths topic of his conversation, is the gro wtfi 
of his corn, tbe product of his fields,, the price of cotton or something relative to this world sad )f. 
any thing of a difficult natura should approach tbe church, he is entirely unprepared tn/»ssis|. 
in it, for his mind is not spiritual. Now we may expect to hear such christians (jfcjiriatians 
they are) often complaining of darkness, for they walk not in the way in which Gf» has. or- 
dained blessings to flow, sad hence, he withholds from thorn the shining of his countenance. 
Worldly Miudeduess in professors of religion causes the Pastor of a church, on *>any occa- 
sions, to have to preach (ahaoet) to naked Walls and empty seats; bis brethren-* 1 * too busy to 
g^tto ejecting. Again, brethren^-it causes churches to bav* small funds, and 4 l» teat rnan y '•* 




[c burJerl 

»n otder to ac««ma*atf weakn 

»•*■» a n-h* to ex^sct; con **,,*. 
r««, .^B, w ^ ^ thc w 

of the ««„, d^j^ ani ^^ 

V,!£°." 5f ,W,f W-'o^d; unto G 
■* of Mvin#to n**f«ct his no 
««**tai embarissed in hi* financ; 
•nee, and this ten^ttfecawj 


I ,*Uat thara 


S Jiff °£fc2*^J!«'WJ * 

M»«i« lit;. AattfU^W* » 
JJ?J *W of «« poor widow 

loare. .VJTorJjflj -j * 

. — /-~«™ mo r««cn at Want »«••*. e — 

" fceT »%^^K^e ^r^S 'V he «*«*«"»on 
3ff,,r., an , Uh fcmi?7 b« to .^,hS ? ch «'?l>«, ha 


***** f »°*«3jHHt 

*"*%>«^ a*d ttJarwenwSJ 


?i Sntrs 



tb* world" 3*^mi,ZJ. 

^K or 552T 

chetJtftdj^to tJL 
r •**! * C 0.M«%a4(5ii*l 
gr^p^y,* jCTy .I'Xe p^r 


■'W'" w,i C1) 

dfl*h from theMug^ a 7cSi3K 

£»Sk?£?Ll " ai5 ?*><Hi»tS 'rtche., «B«»*«|«ii tt«d<sd>i 

T 7 < " u,,, ln 

betora men. " 

1 run, but by an assemblage of innumerable sriCcl(3 

; ^*n^^rtate«;**fc.SaXiiJr 

assemb »# «f; ' •_•. . ^* ^* • 



- / 

$1 1 jN t- 

SATURDAY Sept., the 2 
l"he"Min' and Messengers, competing the tb&mif 

coined .1 Kingston OSM*; *^**f^£™;^M 
wirtlivered, according to appo.mmen: \>r J 51 *" 2SS?*. 5S 
l.U 1£ v. "Fee I a«n Sot ashamed of iW^oaH *?****»% ^V- 
After ar^nterrn.s-ion of 30 minme^toe «ele|»tee i^ired t* « 
l*T>PPoinied EJdertfohn Yates Moderate* P re ted* , **J 
s^To*. e *ith singing Md preyer. The letter, Jts*i *bc dtfieri 
then read, and the names of the dele* a*ee easeflfc* ^ 

a«d. The Association then .,r«M#«M«^«*r*f *2™*« 
Hbeieupor. Elder John Sate* we* chase*. Modetttoiv end J 
clout. The Moderator then took bis seat *id announced *lr*as*oetat»er 

'1,71^^ ef prinoplee, a, 

Decorum* - ;U 

4in, Invited M inistera not Messengers to sests wrt* *». 
6th. Offend Mission fci newfy *o*stituted cbu^bes, « 

from other aSaoSalioos, into our ««»^ , J^fl"P°" C< ^ 
Macedonia Btbb, <3ty.. newly donstuotedch«robej eera* for***d by t 

and letter, .ad befog found •«^Z™™^^£?£. 
^*h. Appojnt|ri e commntee.foerrante the preecH- **« 

HE posed ifjMW' A Thompson, J Goodwin, i. A,ttd*e* 

^Ttk^pV artiittee to arrange bs^aess^eper Uf ednW Hg 

eiation rtl^reeeiit session; con.wt'wg ol Brethrt 
4^M Uoyd, T P tft-lcombe,* 
cierk. who shall aJiB bjEPrivil 
sented to 


c tattoos v 
Bro. Lloyd to 

fur bee 


orhrwiegbteihten c« 

Tuscaloosa .MP* year. 

fclis IsaOMT Xo>ltte Cahabs C* C 
Brethren a. A-udrews* B S jrtfMinfc " » V« 
S '£ the jCoosa l#newj#e^ ^ * Ws 

B Strickland. to write the d Vw*tc ifeSier 

to-Ksarit, 'i'e the Canaan. » «L i^y* ^ «»• 
Bftd-^'Fancbei ts> bear «. rMMtm t*» e D reachint,rt 

IQih The committee •PPO^^JJT ^^ y^M 

by bie. Strickland. St*&PA¥ «■ 

A very larfl»*id.wa)l ^^^^^^ft^Sf^JL 

A yery ,0, 8"* .. „ f . jj,.- ^ a npo»Mment, bot Bro. e**s»tt 

Feeetesj»reaao»d«accorawg ^."PP 11 

bra- Hayes. The f^^^ff Lord| w hUe Sia*»« 
Iwhedand enabled to re /^*^° ~° * re ^ ift the pray* 
a number came forward to she* *£ ^ 

hope ihe Lord will cro.iifrT^ofs onne «*»7 


... rp. - * ,. Monday Morning Sept. 23fb j 

J|" e WtOGiatioo met perauent to adjournment, Singing and pre, . ef tha 

JS-J *!I!j Jl* ****** "* "WWM" 4 d *■'*»* ebeentees. ' 

13* Cettad f* correspondent frJn risfe/ 'ashodation, e,,d received a fitter and 

Uw Alabama, by the hands of her MeaeengereVethren Peebles, 

eland Morgan; mm 

JedforU>erefortofaieco«imiUeefliarrangen*nt, which waa pad 

galled for corjiaponding tatters which were readand received. 

-JW*M f %^rep^o/OwW^ Meeiiegei which were received and Mifci« 
'fflW**H*y b« Table, qf Diatrict Mhfeiioge. 

Xim circulacjetter prepared by bro. Sensing, waa read and received? r tud 
be printed Wkh the Minatea. • 

^pe^edad^Troranybuaioeaaproper'to come before the association. 
'fcfflKgh the erovideuce of God, our beloved bruther a Wataon (the form* 
or of thia aaaotiatioo) baa been removed from amongst us by the head 
jd entertaining the highest respect for our departed brother. Tberfore 
^w .Tb^^.a^oeiatioo.eyrnpalhaeaiulJiwettriajTwith the family of our 
also with the churches particularly of our association,— the loss of our 
ied and venerable Father. 
^Mt aasooiation to be held with, the church at Ft. Wilhame, Talladega 
»-«"WC< 1 <tf &Wp!* the 4tb. Sabbath in September 1845?* 
^ptadEider TP Holcemheto preach tne next introductory aermoiv 
cktand.bia alternate. 

oiotedjilder £> M Lloyd to wiite a circular letter, to be preaented to oa&» 
*m>%«b tWfWJaJect otbia ewn^bdotiog, 
Ived, That the elerk auperintend the prinlings*f the min (and that 

opieej^nwdrreaefveiiiOlorcerreapendenee, and h 

or hia 

x F Adair to apply to the widow of bro S^JV* Anoeraon deo'eT 
MU **»ch ha, as the former clerk of tbjf aasuciatioo, bad ia 
patent it to this body it its next sesaioa^ajta^edfc. 
jJ»»l «feo*a^43*btch, Autauga Countv, **> the 3rM llLMace* 

jibb County, to the 1st Dist. 

J «d»*jjpi»4be aJofk transmit to bro J E Summer 1 he funds 

on, Jo w bimrf&Uh#eok purchased by him for tH Ptiation. 

*'\ °J MW * wd «****«» * n d **» ^ B Hughe wete contraued distribu* 
Mp# Afa i Uf y* District*. . 

i 2%£ m F* g J. d-red lb \' 6r0 StricJtl »nd h»w t«^itofber*ruod«, to 
pjreff Wl^lleaW to the Ala. Jtsaociation «t y*«r, which W 
*" e#«e, clerk to ..W en aom. poor.widow and o^ana, 

**m*Vf feCetaittee otf F.nence, which wa.7ead.nd re* 
iot«ttee J.scbarged Report Remaining in the hand, bftbo 

"' $57" 10 

(or JAinute?, 60* 15 

loeiaAion, ae| 75 

Amount, • 


'«dsof4be Ckrk 



25 00 

2 09. 

5 00 

30 00 

62 oa 





■JppCtation te 
(i efeurcb, for ibc 
i •mtr nined (he members com 
a$jj^£** ten « Singing, p r » 

JOHN SAN^NG Clerl*. 





w» I 

* * 



Th« Mulberry Baptist Association* t* Jh* Churchy wham 

represent s, — G reeting: 

BELOVED BRETHREN; The time bat agaiw-rolled ronnd wh«n we have bee»j 
ted to assemble a* an Association, and according to custom wo send forth km 

n*,?^' 1 foundtdofl t h e»«tjec^/ WORLD*ryj|INl>EDNRSS, 
Worldly Handedness we learn is ' Alprsponderaajng lo*e and pursait ©f tfcir 
l ° ^^S^ 0noia k^ and -** te B t 'on to s|l!rimalT&|g 
DwlBtoen weVearn JBmaaus the vi.i. «, that "to 
name asbflfg worldlgraiBBW) is death, but to be SB ^ 

Hence it is plain, tibjrl if the christian suffer his t 
he cewirt enjoy relTgr^fc 

ion cameTfcln Haadftn to Earth to ctjtf 
■ or this world, andjMg of heavenly i*U 
world, and hfrtc ndertake'to s3^^Crtd e 

Our S*#c 
we d«p 0Tert L , 
not fear thai -a,] s be in? H*»« 
r we are informed the 
John 3 c 15 W, In v; 
te love of the #«rW tjfci i 1 
ean easily Judge, for If we are dts 
when it is e u a iy ft 
d, according 
e are christians. Pear brethlHItre believe that there 

elves orrne enjoyment 
mon."Malt. vi.24 
jervs the world, 
the sight of G< 
e of the 
id eherisin 
•nd of this m 

iMd attend to matrsfc of religion onl 
our weridly inten 

Dear bi 

ad onr God **a ; ' 

?*r.»«t eenre Gotf ) 
Mf * 
<fte»ts *f 
f mil it>»« the ws. 






I f* 

ahnsequevi&fy, the 

feasors of religiortln general and Tfae World; too much of 
injajnaosT every thing, therefore spiritual things j^^^^ 
languish. We design now to notice briefly, a 

The worldly mtaded man isofbnt very little (if any) use in tfe 

%"ged in deviflng ways snd means for the accumulation of worldly stuff, 
in the eseautjWi of his plans, and nance, ha seldom or never goes ia seer 
ae tfBra y *%"*• family or if he doat, it ia only oace in a while, 
acieeee, aid if haafeould happen to ba at raeetirrg, th* t«$ric of 
nf his ftcf«, tbaflpfe*4Nflbia fields, the price of cottone* ^metbiaaj 
any jl»iog of- a difficult nature should -appnaacfcihs ehB»et», beiaantirely 

k in it, for his mind ia not spiritual. Now we raafeaxpecft to beer such eari 
they are) often complain ing of darkness^for imP^opI in the w*y in wh> 
dainad blessings fs flow, jpd hence, ha withholds facta tbajn the fhinieg < 
WorWy Minded nfss in j^rofessors of religion cattats the Pastor of a abwrefc, o. 
•taws, to have to praacflRmnat) to naked wails and empty scats? bis breitw" 
sting- Again, brethren, it causes 'nm laaasfrh^iin m ill Tuna' 


wade, as 

« io be rmnk -lying'-of tlio exp 

only 9 fewof/thf 
.J»l<tir.e air, u»toriv 

..liber of a church (particularly aiSittianWri] ».i 
Arffrmg,. of. the expenses of the .chui. 
1 r iudsdnass in christians causes the ministers of the G^spef/tnafiy 1 times to 
Were, though difficulties. For while hi* brethren -are eagerly engaged m worldly 
in vrder u accumulate, wealth ani place \h*mssl7es beyond the reach of want, lie u f^Z } 1 ™ 
oral taast r.egteaed by them, an* (tops ftoi r.cei^l th-H assistance which i* haiae, and wfcich. 
he Ms a right to expect; -onjecireruly,- his mind ha« to be engaged, from necessity too, in da- 
risjtd'-' son i way for the sopWrbfhis farrflty, andtiTs time tot to be spent in the execution. 
fthe msu is^erised.'and he cannOMherefbre -'study}*" he ought to d*an-J as he wishes tb. do 
3 show h,n**lf approved u„io Goi" *.;: 2 Tim- 2 c 11 V, and not unfrequently, m conw- 
isncec avlhg to neglect his affiiri in o.dsr to attend to the calls of the churches, he 
wcomes embarrassed in hi. financial affair., and his faoulg- has to subsist on a scanty allow* 
anc, anuthis bS ng tha cas^hts, mind \*2«n*&9^tf9Wfc* Xta ?'™*9 ta "* n , " .h! 
the unwieldy load which he nas to carry cfay by day, and cannot therefore be a« useful to the 
church*, -she otherwise wouId»be. . tW brethren, these things oughj not so to >•• ^S^VV 
tha fyex «Me #oftt, ^ #«rWly fct^eltaeM,' aattaJaasith* hfeurtaad Wants, the feeling*. I*, 
such aa extent, that the eysj* .but against the suffering.- of U* afnicteq B nd the ear « . slaaad 
even to the cry of the poor widow and orphan, for the man whc«* t fections are 



cry oi ine poor wiuuw chiu vip«*»w, ■ «• •— ^' r l i • t 

.rid though h« may possess .thousands^ perhaps teas of thousand, has, as he tumics, 

:pare. Worldly min'deineks "alio causes ad^pt unholy jrnd unjust means 

such for instance ■" as keepin- tippifn.- shops, taking usury of then- 

-,&.,i • i HTnihsa ! p 'i of which, wedtseAtfer is <Se- 

,s oi tan 
Dear Brethren, 

* viAaAk A[]J 

III WMiJU' Fl of 'which, we disc**er is <3e- 

e lljlb 2, 15, fllut. xxiiii>9randCJK iv, 1, antT con 
!.cierj a*nd as one ha» well rfr;awR#^H 
e more harm to chtis*iani» than sffljtt 
ite death, of. J?||P- g t 

^.wofcsat .s gdjaso VfaH us epfeVot- 

adM.'ia.«c ■»■ Lsl ***%*! 


L »~« 

t him 

i idly ■ 

ire »-&*£ ec * t 

-Hour, bjread in 
i|ttiiir four afficti< 

the sup 

4el us eu4*~ « 
the dwtietaeU with wh 

ing footi aqAaaimeru l« r 

ag aver a 

as and families, afc P 


;h our sj.inpairHes,,ar»d move us 
religion and undented betpreGoda 
in tV 

lictions and keep hi'mset 

s ixs iiejawuti coi 
i«4 neces-jt; 
KreH liresSJirs to de 

pjban sink deep 
sionste Uieu 

e whd.aUke no pretenticmsto religion may be. 

a«w s ta.w«nidsrP arsail *' * ld lata a -** y r * s 

*W grind the ladliyh*. poor ana. lake 
*ai»«hr«i'.«iai}», trtd fin orf*l(riMBgaaen of the war 
* nothing n>ai4N«:©«peca5d;of them. But.wheiv 

; 1T:ci is- q*itc &«ii-«n*, .tjjpljoeA*** +1 
e *r a yV-of l6e L»rd, 
re 'seen 

e»' * 

» la the rra 

th si_ 

-hich wr^Wf -p ass ■t w w iaeu m 

V came; >rdeubt but 

[ ©fofthek worldly, bultees 
zm, but which 

iKep^^td st^fcl, w 
of rusi, but «i 

'* aip* *! 

• Mote scandals ba*« occurcu ic ■■■ 
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tho-e of aa»atll*ri, imposing dishonest w 
a dangerous, and often successful, ft» '• 
ber nrofessea himself to be through g» 
reecbmii, ungenerous conduct, prove, that the 

dishonorable pecuniae 
, than from any other 
seldom compared with 
business. The. world w 
rgh every church mero* 
t many by their over- 
laved by this sordid tn«» 

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j.ungeeerouacoo^ct.prov^Mi^-^*^- -- ^ h wo < 1a be 
W brethren, volumes**** be "^^^gFl"\™ lor the Dre8ent 

■Stating and advantageous ! hut 

and though it may seem that we bava%een r 
vet, be you well assured, that we have had 
you* fee'lmga in the least, but 
ance, remeuiberance of what fa done 

return* When *we lay exposed I !£^| 

tricate ourselves, see lie has sar 
to us in pleasant places. Tbroofa Ht* if* 
J,u*ablabope, that wben ibis boo tatter ai. 

Bouse aot roada with hand* eler 
vile bodies shall return to th 
resuscitated s and. came forth from t\ 
body of the Son of God, au< 
with litm to gaze on Bis gle*y eat 1 
hope founded on the promise ot the 
a place for you, and if I go and 
ceive *©« *° tnysalf, that wber 
that tfeev* fe&s gor- 
ing to our b«iio«Sf 

xttltBtBtil a in this «S 

your woodworks aadjg:»o« 
do, in any other 
feet ru; we attend 

man of oar counsel, both in 


ue and * 

a close tor the present 
in ore'er in our remarks* 
expose you. or irritate 
da by way of remembei 
Km owe to him Him in 
«t the least power to ex» 
i The lined have fallen 
^■authorized to cherish an 
aave a build j^g o{ God a 
i, notwithstanding these 
orae when they shall be 
Leness of the glorious 
the clouds, ever to be 
Such is the christian's 
by? 2, 3, "1 go to prepare 
will come again and re« 
! be also." Tb js we see* 
lerest to us and is attend* 
and has left us a* ink 
present Him fairly be., 
men that they may see 
Ifcen." And this we cannot 
Bran us. This is a pert 
O then let us make it the 

IU V\ WW vvouovi, «v»» ... ~ — j , 

Much depends on the manner in which we order gftȤirse in this world, both 

_ the Lord requires us to 

as any oody, and neglect 

I erwnog »j><* *>»gi* m our 

for the sake of bringing 

d the cries of the poor 

re common to the world 

that peace of mind - 

ence over thefprorld but 

as it relates to our privata peace ana 

esart ov*r the world. And if we * 

the bouse of he Lord to at- 

dealings as the miaer. 

a few Tar things i"<j^H& c ' 

and no* 

io ©r«k ,ts WOf 

wbich we otherwise would bare, and do not have any 

a bad on. b ecorae aa salt that baa lest its savour. 

e other hand., the °»«n hearted, obedient crosa 

a looks at heaven as 'bis use, and this world as the 

> prepare for being brought into possession of bis inheritance 

id thai todas not away needs not go a 
and how often do we bear men of 
isUan there ia'none." Hence, it is plain, 
ce our interest as Cbiistiaos, and do that good in the world 
res us to d< eeeasary tba.t wo live humble and self de» 

jv tu at we are not of the world. O men brethren, let us walk 
I." and do all the good we can during our short stay on earth. J 
ifljSj* «f our Lord Jesus C wttb you all; amen. 

JOHtf YATfcS. Moderator. 

bearing eh 
place in which 
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that in order to ad 

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tb* fear of the I 

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to. r r way DC 
JhadV Grove; D* B as; 


. ibatbin July 1845: 

%1 i£ia August. 1845. 
2nd in Jttlv 1845.